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"Built For Partnership....
                 at home, and around the world."

*Partnership (relationship alignment): Bond  toward "right action" of two or more entities conducting business for mutual gain, growth and benefit.

John Stellar
Originally a broadcast journalist with NBC News, John Stellar has worked as a public relations professional since 1992. He has worked in and around the media since graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno.

A native of Southern California, John utilizes a very personalized, ‘grass roots and organic’ approach to lead the company and succeed at gaining just the right media exposure and connecting all of the right dots. 

One client branded him the “Unpublicist,” which only comes from years of life experience, confidence, and intuitive gifts. John’s enthusiasm and passion speak volumes for how he operates in business (and life)!

John, and wife Kate manage PR and media projects for  personal growth, retail and film festival clientele. Included, but not limited to: strategy development and implementation; client coverage in print, electronic and broadcast media;  art direction on client photo shoots, website project management; marketing research; writing, editing and placement of press releases. As well as ongoing business development and client management.

You can also find John Co/Guest-Hosting a radio show with his wife Kate Romero on Enlightening Radio each month for Christine Andrew and To hear our show with Guest and Best Selling Author Marianne Williamson, CLICK HERE!

“John Stellar of Everyone’s PR (formerly Stellar Communications) is the original publicist that helped launch and represented the book and DVD The Secret.  Stellar contributed to the DVD Achieving Worldwide Multi-Platinum Status from September 2006 to August 2007."

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Kate Romero
A native of Michigan, Kate has nearly 3 decades of experience in front of and behind the camera in the Entertainment/Public Relations. and Broadcast Industries.  She brings her eye for talent, her Master Sorter skills and natural born PR talents to Everyone's PR. 

As an example of Kate’s ability to connect all the right dots, at age nine, she drew a picture with crayons of a postage stamp on an envelope to send away for Dr. Seuss Books. The entire library of books showed up special delivery a few days later! 

Kate’s passion to launch budding and well known visionary products and people adds just the right energy to Everyone's PR. 

In fact, the A&E Hit TV Show INTERVENTION came from Kate's direct experience with a former celebrity client who needed an intervention and treatment.  She hired interventionist, Jeff Van Vonderen for the job, who later became the Lead Interventionist on the Hit TV Show INTERVENTION.  This is also an example of Kate's innate ability to connect all the right dots.  The success of INTERVENTION is legendary as they won their first Emmy in 2012.  Intervention also went on to finish strong with 12 very successful seasons that saved millions of lives and families during its run.  

To learn more about Kate's acting, producing, coaching, radio hosting, and three decades in the Entertainment Industry CLICK HERE!

Kate also enjoys Co/Guest-Hosting a radio show with her husband John Stellar on Enlightening Radio each month for Christine Andrew and To hear our show with Guest and Best Selling Author "Marianne Williamson," CLICK HERE!

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